The Killing Vote

thekillingvoteSeven days until death by Congress

Seven days! That’s the deadline to stop a political-corporate scheme from legally murdering poor, infirmed, and powerless patients through selective, not assisted, euthanasia.
If this secret legislative package can slip through the quagmire of Congress, it will diminish the annual deficit by billions, if not trillions; catapult corporate healthcare profits; and get an unpopular President re-elected.
What the powerbrokers don’t anticipate is an in-your-face, militant seniors advocacy group becoming aware of the secret plot and hires an aggressive, semi-retired investigative journalist to expose the behind-the scenes manipulations.
Ted Yost has only seven days to stop The Killing Vote. Or will arson, attempted murder, blackmail, and kidnapping defeat him?



The Organ Harvesters by Bette Golden LambWinner of the 2014 Stellar Sci-fi Contest For Science Fiction Dystopian Novel

The war of 2020 was quite bloodless, but its aftermath was plenty grisly. The victor? A monster corporation now wasting the planet’s resources with abandon — but controlling the people with precision. Using industrial-scale organ harvesting. Using wholesale euthanasia. Using squadrons of armed guards whose bulletproof visors hide any expression in their eyes. In this heartless technocratic dystopian future, normal emotions constitute treason. Acting on them is a capital crime. Can a mother’s passion defy this totalitarian system?


The Organ Harvesters Book II

The Organ Harvesters IIIn this terrorizing sequel to The Organ Harvesters, the bloodless war of 2020 has destroyed all governments and left monster corporations in control globally, unhindered to waste the planet’s natural resources, and to manipulate the world’s population with iron-handed control.
There’s one last chance to save life on Planet Earth. Roaming at large under a death warrant, Zoe Hidalga leaves her daughter and her lover, mystic Asher Wind Storm, to return to Sanfrancorp to join the Defys, an underground resistance group that has spread throughout the world over the past six years.
The time has come for Redemption, a time to save the people and shut down the Organ Harvesters and corporate domination.
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bonedry-300You have cancer.
You’ve been blasted and wasted with chemotherapy, along with every other poison the doctors could find to kill malignant cells.
Most days you’re more dead than alive. There is one last chance for survival.
Tomorrow you will be infused with your own, treated bone marrow—frozen, stored, and safe in one of California’s most prestigious hospitals.
Then comes an anonymous note:
We have your marrow…pay or die.
RN Gina Mazzio is not about to let her patients become victims of a vicious scheme.

“… a medical thriller not for the squeamish.”
—Publishers Weekly

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Sin & Bone by Bette Golden Lamb and J.J. LambIt’s RN Gina Mazzio’s wedding eve. But when Gina takes the week’s final Ob/Gyn telephone advice call, a deadly serious male voice says, “She’s all cut up.”
The police, the hospital administrator, and even her fiancée insist it was only a crank call, some sicko.
Gina doesn’t buy it. She gets a second call, at home, and starts to link the calls and caller to a series of nurse disappearances.
Instead of marriage and as honeymoon, Gina is drawn into the dangerous illicit trade in human body parts.

“A chilling, gripping thriller by a talented writing couple.”
—Marcia Muller, MWA Grand Master and creator of the acclaimed Sharon McCone series

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Bone Pit by Bette Golden Lamb and J.J. LambRN Gina Mazzio is not a wimp, but after nearly being murdered twice, she needs a time out, needs to get away from San Francisco and Ridgewood Hospital.
She and her fiancé sign up for a travel assignment at a small Nevada facility in the middle of nowhere.
On their first day, driving down a long, creepy private road, ominous sentry-like boulders block out the sun. When they finally arrive at the facility, Gina’s eye starts to twitch a warning when she sees heavy iron bars on the second floor windows.
What kind of place was this? What were they getting into?

“ … Bette and J. J. Lamb have created a tenacious and engaging duo who are worth rooting for. We will look forward to reading more about this terrific couple. Highly recommended.”
—Sheldon Siegel, New York Times best selling author of Perfect Alibi



Gina Mazzio returns to Ridgewood Hospital after a near–death experience at a rehab facility in Nevada’s barren gold country, where she and fiancé Harry Lucke had gone on twin travel nurses assignments…
Now assigned to the Ob/Gyn Women’s Health Clinic, an outbreak of mystifying post-abortion patient deaths puts Gina on the trail of an unknown perpetrator.
Her relentless investigation makes her the target of a fanatical couple who kidnap her and attempt to kill her just to keep from being found out.

“… a thriller that will keep you guessing until the end.”
D. P. Lyle, award-winning author, lecturer, story consultant

bone-dust-new2Just where it ought to be the safest is where it is the most dangerous….
Is it possible to get so busy you don’t notice a stalker? Actually, it’s likely, in a hospital, in the middle of a deadly flu epidemic. Your focus is on saving people, not looking over your shoulder. So it almost happens to San Francisco RN Gina Mazzio, who’s further distracted by personal issues.
But then a fellow nurse gets killed. Even in the middle of a break-up with a long-time boy friend, and the chaos of the epidemic, there’s no ignoring that. And the nurse isn’t the only one—a lot more patients are dying than ought to be.
Then come the threats.


Bone CrackGina Mazzio, RN, and fiancé Harry Lucke are on the brink of getting married when a childhood friend relocates from the Bronx to San Francisco. Within days, Gina’s nurse friend is relating difficult-to-believe horror stories about her new employer, a cardiologist whom she suspects is involved in illicit and deadly medical practices.
Gina soon discovers the stories are true—the doctor is not only acting in an unethical manner, he may also be complicit in two or three hideous murders. That knowledge quickly makes her the new target of the doctor… and a vicious hit man, who is determined to hunt her down and kill her.
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Bone Slice by Bette Golden Lamb and JJ LambBack from an idyllic beach wedding and honeymoon on romantic Kauai, Gina and Harry have barely unpacked when Ridgewood Hospital sends them off on an intriguing assignment to learn about and report on surgical robotics at a Santa Cruz area hospital.
Intrigue turns to fear as they’re plunged into the midst of a deadly clash between hands-on-medicine traditionalists and those eager to dive headlong into the futurist whirlpool of robotics.
The newlyweds are harassed, threatened, and kidnapped as a result of their efforts to discover who is hacking the robotic units and causing bloody mayhem in the surgery suites.
Gina and Harry eventually report back to Ridgewood that robots are not only accurate, fast, and efficient, they can also be used to commit murder.
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Sisters in Silence by J.J. Lamb and Bette Golden LambFertility counselor Zondra Vesey is not a serial killer—she’s on a mission, a noble mission. She will, she must save her sisters from their suffering.
For ten long years she has slaved to help make one man a star specialist in the highly competitive field of infertility treatment.
Her thanks? Woman after woman sleeps in his bed, fills his life—as she once did.
Instead of loving her, his surgeon’s hands sliced her open, mutilated her insides, and left her sterile, as barren as the women who flock to him for the miracle of motherhood.
Now, Zondra is angry, grief-stricken, and filled with sorrow—a deadly mission burns deep within her.
She will, she must save her sisters from their suffering.

“ … This is a gripping, psychological journey of a mind gone berserk.”
—Rita Lakin, award winning author of the Gladdy Gold series


Heir Today by J.J. Lamb and Bette Golden LambHow far would you go to retrieve a quarter-million dollars?
Investigative journalists Paige and Max Alper drop everything, leave their jobs behind, and hopscotch from San Francisco to San Diego to New York to Hong Kong to take up the paper chase.
It all starts when Paige rejects an heir-tracer’s proposal to split fifty-fifty the inheritance from her adventurous and mysterious sea captain uncle.
While her twin sister insists they accept the heir-tracer’s offer without question, the Alper’s launch their own trace, unaware that Uncle Jock Boylan was murdered—not for his money, but because he had collected evidence that would expose a conspiracy of Chinese government officials and a Hong Kong-based triad of pirates and white slavers.
The result: A simple treasure hunt turns into an international adventure of intrigue, courage, death, and revenge.

“…One might ask if near death is worth any amount of money. The book is a great read and hard to put down. The writers keep the action moving and intersperse it with entries from Uncle Jock’s journals. We get an insight as to what drives a man to seek revenge against those who have wronged him.”
—I Love a Mystery

Also available in an Audio edition