The Writer

Bette Golden LambBette Golden Lamb is an RN, three-dimensional artist, and writer. She claims to need all of these disciplines to stay out of trouble. Her art works have appeared in numerous shows and are held in private collections nationally.

Bette, unmistakably from the Bronx, says that growing up in New York City coupled with being an RN is a clue as to why she loves to write dark and gritty medical thrillers.

A sense of adventure has gotten Bette into trouble more than once. Fate put her into the wilds of Virginia City, Nevada, an isolated throwback to the old West, where she rode shot gun as a mountain-top trauma nurse while her husband was the editor of the The Territorial Enterprise, a newspaper Mark Twain once ran. To make things even more interesting, she ended up running a funky bar, The Silver Stope. Somehow, she and her husband had become living characters from the old TV Western, Bonanza.

Bette and J. J. Lamb have written novels that include a female serial killer who thinks she’s on a noble mission to save barren women from a life of despair (Sisters in Silence) and the Gina Mazzio RN medical thriller “Bone” series (Bone Dry,  Sin & Bone,  Bone Pit, Bone of Contention, Bone Dust, Bone Crack, Bone Slice). Writing about Gina Mazzio and her boyfriend, Harry, also an RN, has been a fun experience. It’s a privilege to write about people who dedicate their lives to helping others.